Cat bố Island is the largest of the 367 islands of the Cat bố archipelago with an area of ​​over 300 square kilometers. It was declared as a Biosphere Reserve in 2004. More than half of the island is covered by a national park which is home to the endangered Cat cha Langur. Cat ba Island belongs to Haiphong municipality, which is located in northern Vietnam, only 170 km from Hanoi.

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Cat cha Island, Vietnam

In reality, Cat bố Island is considered to be the largest island in Halong Bay as the island is located khổng lồ the southeast of Lan Ha cất cánh which is part of the world-famous Halong Bay.

Cat Ba means "woman"s island". The legend attached khổng lồ the name is that several centuries ago, 3 women of the Tran dynasty were killed và their bodies floated along the water until they reached the 3 beaches before local fishermen found them. Islanders built temples for each woman & this island became well-known as cát Ba.

Cat tía Island is a famous destination among Vietnamese tourists. The island also attracts many foreign travelers because of many activities available for tourists in cat Ba.

What to do in mèo Ba

Swimming at cat Co Beach

There are many beautiful beaches on Cat tía Island. The most popular beaches to visit are cat Co 1, cát Co 2, and Cat co 3. These 3 beaches are located not far from the center of Cat bố Town. You can walk, rent a motorbike or take a shuttle to the beach easily.

Cat ba Island, Vietnam

The beaches of Cat tía boast clear water và amazing views of the surrounding islets. Cát Co 1 Beach is the largest beach of all that is surrounded by cliffs. Mèo Co 2 Beach and Cat co 3 Beach are smaller in kích cỡ but more peaceful.

Cat bố Island, Vietnam

The beaches are connected by a cliff-side walking trail offering magnificent views.

Cat tía Island, Vietnam

Enjoying the view from Cannon Fort

Cannon Fort is considered to lớn be the best viewpoint on Cat ba Island. The fort is located on the đứng top of the hill, at 177 meters above sea level. Cannon Fort not only offers spectacular views, this place also has a historical significance because it was a fortress built in 1942 during the French colonial times. Here you can see the remains of the Vietnam War"s history and whole military complex including two canons, observation system và complex of tunnels.

Admission fee is 40,000 VND per person.

Remark: Currently, Cannon Fort is closed due to the reconstruction works being carried out there.

Cruising along Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located south of Halong Bay. The surrounding waters around Cat cha Island belong to Lan Ha Bay. Highlights of Lan Ha cất cánh are more than 300 scenic karst islands & limestone outcrops along with numerous small white-sand beaches.

Cat cha Island, Vietnam

The landscape of Lan Ha bay is as beautiful as the one of Halong Bay. Even if Halong bay is larger than Lan Ha Bay, but islets in Lan Ha bay are covered with greenery & there are many white sand beaches stretching between the rocky cliffs. Lan Ha bay is quite far from Halong city so not many tourist boats visit the area, making Lan Ha bay much more peaceful and gorgeous than the more touristy side of Halong Bay. This is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a peaceful exploration of the magnificent scenery.

Lan Ha bay is often visited as part of day tour to lớn Halong cất cánh from cat Ba. Our đánh giá of such a tour can be found here: Day Tour to Halong Bay và Lan Ha bay from Cat tía (on a Budget!).

Trekking around Cat bố National Park

Cat bố not only attracts tourists with the beauty of the sea but also with its still rich forest resource. Cat ba National Park covers a total area of ​​26,240 hectares, 17,040 hectares of land và 9,200 hectares of sea surface. This place has three different ecosystems including mangrove ecosystem, forest ecosystem on limestone hills & marine ecosystem with coral reefs. More than 2,320 species of plants & animals can be found at Cat tía National Park.

If you love hiking, there"s nothing too extreme at this national park. For anybody who"s not sure about own skills, taking a guide for trekking can be a good option. There are several routes to choose from based on the length of time. The shortest route to the peak can take about 45 minutes – 1 hour & the view from the đứng top is absolutely worth the hike.

Visiting Hospital Cave

Quan Y Cave or Hospital Cave on Cat bố Island is located about 15 km from Cat ba Town. The military hospital cave was built in the area of ​​Tran Chau ward at Cat tía National Park.

During the Vietnam War, Cat tía was used as a safe haven for the North Vietnamese army. Heavy bombing of the Americans resulted in the creation of a secret hospital & safe house for leaders in the cave. The hospital has 3 floors & cannot be seen from the ground or air. The exit of the cave is on the other side of the mountain with a path surrounded by trees. Even if you climb the mountain, it is difficult lớn notice the cave entrance, making it one of the safest places on the island.

The hospital was abandoned after 1975, but now is becoming a popular tourist attraction on Cat cha Island. The admission fee is 15,000 VND per person. Hiring a tour guide is recommended as it will help you to know the history of Hospital Cave much deeper.

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Touring Halong cất cánh from cat Ba

Travelers can also buy a tour to lớn Halong Bay that starts at Cat tía Island. There are many tour companies on the island that are ready khổng lồ offer tour packages including a visit lớn this beautiful bay. Halong bay tours departing from Cat tía can also be booked online and one of the best rated tours can be found here: Halong Bay Full-Day Cruise from mèo Ba.

Most of Halong cất cánh tours starting at Cat cha Island also include a boat trip lớn Lan Ha Bay, which is the cất cánh located south of Halong Bay and east of mèo Ba.

Cat tía Island, Vietnam

These tours normally include many activities for tourists such as picnics, swimming, or kayaking. There are also many beautiful beaches such as Van Boi Beach, cha Trai Dao Beach, Nam cat Beach to visit.

Some of 10 Best Halong cất cánh Cruises also start their 2-day or 3-day trips at Cat cha Island.

Visiting Fisherman Village

There are several fisherman villages in the area around cat Ba. The most popular of them is Cai Beo Fisherman Village. Cai Beo Fisherman Village is located near Ben Beo Pier, which is just 2 kilometers away from Cat ba Town. You can come here by taxi và then take a small boat khổng lồ visit the village. Here you will be able lớn visit village of floating houses và enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding islands.

Cat tía Island, Vietnam

Cai Beo Fisherman Village is one of Vietnam"s oldest prehistoric villages. The evidences indicate that the village of Cai Beo has been established more than 4,500 years ago. This fishing village has a total of 300 houses, most of which are inhabited by people who make a living by fishing và farming sea animals such as scallops và oysters.

Visiting Viet hai Village

Viet nhị Village is a small village located in the heart of Cat cha National Park, in the midst of dense forest covered by high mountains. The village is located about 18 kilometers away from Cat cha Town. Visiting Viet nhị Village gives you a chance khổng lồ enjoy a peaceful atmosphere và see the way of life of the villagers.

Traveling to Viet hai Village can be done in 2 ways:

1. Trekking lớn the village through the forest of Cat cha National Park.

2. Taking a boat from Ben Beo Pier to lớn Viet hai Pier & then trekking for about 1 hour to the village.

Spending time at Monkey Island

Cat Dua (Pineapple) Island, also known as Monkey Island, is located in the area of nam Cat, Lan Ha Bay. The front side of the island is the place where you can find 2 sandy beaches and the back side is a rocky mountain.

Monkey Island is another popular tourist destination for visitors lớn Cat tía as almost all tours starting from Cat cha Island take tourists to lớn visit this island. The highlight of this place is the monkeys. There are more than đôi mươi monkeys on this island to welcome visitors. In addition, there is a beautiful sunset viewpoint, trắng sand beach, clear water, và pine trees.

Cat ba Island, Vietnam

Getting to Monkey Island is easy as you can travel there by boat from Ben Beo Pier in just 15 minutes. The famous accommodation Island Catba Monkey Island Resort can be found on the private beach of the island.

Where lớn stay in mèo Ba?

A complete guide to the best places lớn stay on Cat cha Island with the best and most affordable hotels and other accommodation on Cat bố Island can be found here: Where to lớn Stay on Cat cha Island: Cat cha Accommodation.

Cat Ba Transportation

Cat Ba Island is located approximately 160 kilometers from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Most of travelers come to Cat bố from Hanoi as there are plenty of options for traveling between Hanoi and mèo Ba and everyone can choose the best way depending on their preferences. Detailed guide about traveling from Hanoi khổng lồ Cat ba Island can be found here: How lớn travel from Hanoi to lớn Cat bố Island.

Most of the routes to lớn Cat tía Island pass Haiphong which is the main city in the area. There are several options for getting to Cat bố from Haiphong & they are briefly described here: How lớn travel from Haiphong khổng lồ Cat bố Island.

Cat ba Island, Vietnam

Flights to cát Ba

Cat Bi International Airport (HPH) in Haiphong is the nearest to Cat tía Island airport. This airport receives direct flights from bangkok making a trip to Cat cha from xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện really easy. Low cost carrier Vietjet Air offers international flights lớn Haiphong from BKK airport. Flight deals for this route can be found here:

Flights from bangkok to Haiphong 

If you will be making a stopover in Haiphong, kiểm tra for the options you have when traveling from cat Bi Airport to Haiphong City. 

Domestic Travel

The most popular domestic routes to/from Cat cha Island

From Haiphong to Cat ba Island

From Hanoi lớn Cat tía Island

From Cat ba Island to lớn Sapa

For more transportation options for a trip to/from Cat tía Island, use this tìm kiếm form.