2a : having the legal và political rights of a citizen For many African Americans, celebrating the Fourth of July as the day Americans became free from British rule feels inapplicable since our ancestors were not free.— Christen A. Johnson

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d : enjoying personal freedom : not subject to lớn the control or domination of another You are không tính phí to vì whatever you want.
3a : not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being : choosing or capable of choosing for itself a player không tính phí to negotiate a contract with any team
4a : relieved from or lacking something & especially something unpleasant or burdensome free from pain a speech không tính phí of political rhetoric —often used in combination error-free
b : not confined to a particular position or place in twelve-tone music, no cảnh báo is wholly không tính phí for it must hold its place in the series— J. L. Stewart
e : done with artificial sida (such as pitons) used only for protection against falling & not for support a không tính phí climb

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e : overly familiar or forward in action or attitude a young man who had been much too không lấy phí with the ladies of the town— Harvey Graham
11a(1) : not united with, attached to, combined with, or mixed with something else : separate không tính tiền ores a free surface of a bodily part
freeness ˈfrē-​nəs

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