Hoi An memories show is the largest performance in Viet Nam & can be compared khổng lồ an Olympic Games opening ceremony. Coming lớn the show, you are invited along a 400-year journey of the town’s growth. Here’s some brief information & tips for you with this Hoi An memories show.

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Hoi An memories show is a world-class outdoor visual art performance with a 3,300-seat theatre & over 500 professional dancers & actors. 25,000 square meters, the stage Itself looks like a Hollywood stage. The show itself is on an artificial island on the Thu Bon river in October 2017. After a short period, a 2.0 version has been launched in May 2018 with lots of improvements in story content, art, cultural identity, etc. This majestic cultural performance will take you on a historical journey from the beginning of Hoi An, from thousands of years ago until now. The show is divided into 5 parts.

Part 1: Life

Life is the beginning of the show, the start of everything will reappear the colorful picture of the costume, culture, and life of Hoi An people 3,000 years ago, fishermen started lớn build houses và settle down. You can see the town began from a small fisherman’s house with his family and around them, Hoi An bloom from the earth.


A scene of local daily life at Hoi An memories show

Part 2: Wedding

This scene portrays the hôn lễ hạnh phúc of Princess Huyen Tran and King bịt Man in the past. This is an impressive performance but realistic against a backdrop of Cham page authority temples, dances, towers, etc. You will feel lượt thích you are attending an ancient wedding. Costumes are also various and colorful with Cham culture. Và of course, a wedding of the royalty must have an elephant – the symbol of Cham culture.


Champa - dai Viet Alliance wedding

Part 3: Lamps & sea

This is a scene of a faithful wife desperately waiting for her husband who is a sailor who has not come home for a long time. She turns into a stone statue. At the end of the story, the man returns, feeling wretched, he writhes in anguish beside the statue. This touching story is not told by words but by hundreds of professional dancers in traditional, colorful costumes.

Part 4: Trading port

This part represents Hoi An trading port of the 17th century on the stage along with traders from Japan, China, Holland, France, India, etc. They have their business và join the local festivals. This is the main point of the show. You can see the glorious time of Hoi An in the past & enjoy every detail which has been well prepared by the crew.


Hoi An Trading Port in the 17th Century

Part 5: Ao dai

Hoi An is one of the very few cities that still keep almost everything in the past through the up & down of history. That makes the priceless value that Hoi An people can be proud of. The over of the show is an Ao dai performance with many ancient structures of Hoi An. All of the values have been well preserved until now.

Hoi An memories show had smashed 2 Vietnamese records: The country’s largest outdoor visual art performance and The daily show with most actors. It took nearly 2 years khổng lồ produce a one-hour show which runs every night. Foreign tourists absolutely love the show, some of them said this is the most spectacular show in the world. “Hoi An memories become a global phenomenon” according to Reuters. This show also has a lot of 5 stars reviews on the biggest review website Trip Advisor.

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Every tip you should know about “Hoi An memories”


The show takes place in Hoi An Impression theme park located on an artificial Cam phái nam island in the middle of the Thu Bon river. It is pretty close to the Old town, just about 2-3km. You can choose either vehicle or a walk. If you catch a taxi from the old town, it will cost you about 35.000VND (about $1,5). If you drive yourself, you should follow Hoang Dieu street through the town and then cross the bridge onto Cam phái nam island. After crossing the bridge, take your second left and go until you see the sight of the show.


Hoi An Impression theme park

If you ride a xe đạp or walk, after crossing the bridge, take your first left, và you will have a chance khổng lồ go on a scenic road along the riverbank. Follow the river until you see the sight of the show. Security guards will show you where to enter the island.

Time & duration

The show is held every night except for Tuesday. The duration is 1 hour 15 minutes from 19:30 khổng lồ 20:45 unless there is bad weather.

Ticket & price

Hoi An Memories show has 3 classes of tickets based on seat position. The price for children is from 13 USD and adult tickets are from 24 USD. You can book the ticket in advance và pay it off online lớn avoid the waiting line in front of the gate. Let"s grab your Hoi An Memories Show Ticket at BestPrice Travel to save your time & budget now.


Hidden thoughts

"Hoi An memories" show is a grand spectacle of such phenomenal scope. There are not many shows lượt thích this in the West. It is an experience you should have at least once in your life, sitting outside, watching this visual extravaganza on a balmy Hoi An evening.

Afterward, Hoi An memories show will bring you closer to lớn the Vietnamese chất lượng spirit and timeless traditions.

It"s time toplan your visit khổng lồ Hoi An khổng lồ see how magnificent the Hoi An Memories Show is.