If Hong Kong is iconic, Macau is next level! The glitz, glamour, and gambling are pretty much the reasons why you need to lớn explore the hub of luxury and entertainment on your next holiday. & this Hong Kong to lớn Macau ferry guide would make sure you know everything about this Asian Las Vegas, save on time, and have the most value for money international trip ever!

What Is The Best Time lớn Visit Macau?


There is no doubt that the best season to lớn visit Macau is autumn. The months from October khổng lồ December flaunt a pleasant and clear weather, making it a great time for you lớn venture out, explore, and experience the glamour of the region at its best.

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While the summer và monsoon season have hot and humid months, making it nearly impossible lớn have a hassle không tính phí holiday, the winter season is a good time to visit Macau too. The months from December lớn February are cold but sunny, và a perfect time khổng lồ plan your trip if you wish lớn enjoy the beauty of the snow.

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Which Is Best Hong Kong Ferry to Macau?


With major terminal in Hong Kong situated in Sheung Wan, there are two ferry operators that sail across to lớn Macau everyday. The red ferry is run by TurboJet và the xanh ferry is run by Cotai Water Jet.

While both the operators run daily ferries và charge a similar price, the best ferry is the one that takes you directly to your dream stop in Macau.

If you’re visiting Macau for the first time & plan lớn explore the major attractions like the Senado Square, Macau Tower, the ruins of St. Paul’s, và more, the best ferry is TurboJet as it docks at Macau’s Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, which is in close proximity to the đô thị centre.

However, if the latest casinos và hotels like The Venetian Macau, Hard Rock Cafe, and Parisian Macau have caught your fancy, then the best Hong Kong ferry to lớn Macau for you is the Cotai Water Jet. This ferry departs from Sheung Wan and docks up at the Taipa Ferry Terminal, which is only five minutes away from the city of Dreams.

Which Are The Best Hong Kong to lớn Macau Ferry Routes?


From Hong Kong, there are a multitude of routes that you can take for reaching Macau.

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan that sails và docks at Macau Outer Harbour Ferry TerminalChina Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon that docks at the Outer Harbour Ferry TerminalTuen Mun Ferry Terminal in New Territories that dock at Taipa Ferry Terminal in MacauSkyPier Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport that docks at Macau’s Taipa Ferry Terminal

While there are several routes, the best ferry routes are from the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal to Macau’s Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal and Taipa Ferry Terminal as it has the highest departure and arrival frequency, và serves travelers at all hours of the day.

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What Are The Hong Kong lớn Macau Ferry Price 2018 & Timings?


The price for the ferry ticket from Hong Kong lớn Macau is the same for both the adults và the kids, and only varies as per the weekday or weekend, và time of the day. So, if you are booking a ferry from Hong Kong khổng lồ Macau on your next trip, make sure you have have checked the respective prices và timings.

Price For Ferry Ticket For TurboJet

HKD 308 for a round-trip during the daytime on weekdaysHKD 336 for a round-trip sailing during the weekendHKD 165 for one way sailing during the weekdaysHKD 175 for one way trip during the weekend

Price For Ferry Ticket For Cotai Water Jet

HKD 304 for a round-trip during the daytime on weekdaysHKD 321 for a round-trip sailing during the weekendHKD 170 for one way sailing during the weekdaysHKD 160 for one way trip during the weekend

Hong Kong khổng lồ Macau Ferry Time and Duration

The TurboJet takes around 50 minutes to lớn reach Macau from Hong Kong Ferry Terminal, whereas the Cotai Water Jet takes 60 minutes. While both the ferries run every 15 minutes, i.e. From 7:00 AM khổng lồ 5:30 PM & 5:30 PM to lớn 7:00 AM, TurboJet also runs special ferries at night, peak hours, và during holidays và festivals.

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What Are The đứng đầu Things To bởi On A Hong Kong khổng lồ Macau Day Trip?

While church hopping, visiting museums, & exploring the casinos are commonly what travelers do, here’s something more you can vày when you travel from Hong Kong lớn Macau only for a day và wish khổng lồ see the most of the magical land.

1. Explore the Senado Square


Situated in the central area of the Macau Peninsula, Senado Square is one of the top attractions in Macau. From eating at famous Chinese restaurants to lớn exploring the various high-end shopping centres, theres a lot to bởi vì here.

Timings: mở cửa 24 hoursLocation: Largo vì chưng Senado, Macau

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2. Eat at the revolving 360- Caf- in the Macau Tower

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Being the Macaus highest và only revolving restaurant, 360- Caf- is a place you should definitely visit during your trip. From scrumptious Portuguese to lớn Indian delicacies and stunning views khổng lồ friendly hospitality, this restaurant offers everything and is an absolute gourmets delight.


Lunch Buffet – MOP 278 or INR 2,255 for adults & MOP 228 or INR 1,850 for kidsHigh Tea – MOP 178 or INR 1,445 for adults & MOP 148 or INR 1,200 for kidsDinner búp phê With Seafood Platter – MOP 500 or INR 4,055 for adults and MOP 400 or INR 3,255 for kids

Timings: 1:30 AM lớn 1:00 PM, 1:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 3:30 PM lớn 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM to 10:00 PMLocation: 60/F, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

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3. Stay at the luxurious The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Offering a timeless experience, homelike comfort, & undefined luxury, this hotel is certainly one of the best places khổng lồ stay in Macau. The royal suites, classy casino, & other fun experiences here would pamper you so much that you would feel like spending your whole day indoors.

Price: INR 9,000 to lớn INR 25,000 (double-sharing)TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5Location: Estrada domain authority Ba-a de N. Senhora da Esperan-a, MacauWebsite | Reviews

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4. Witness the Ruins of St. Pauls

Situated adjacent to lớn the famous Mount Fortress and Macau Museum, this site is one of the popular places to lớn visit in Macau. The beautiful facade & the front stairway reflect captivating tales about this old church, which makes it a perfect attraction for history buffs.

Entry Fee: There are no entry charges for visiting this site.Timings: 9:00 AM lớn 6:00 PM everyday, và 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on every TuesdayLocation: Rua de Sao Paulo, Macau

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5. Visit the Fishermans Wharf

If Macau is the Las Vegas of Asia, this place is the Colosseum similar lớn the one in Rome. It offers an array of shopping centres, restaurants, và is a hub of entertainment activities that would be enough lớn keep you busy & happy for a good amount of time.

Timings: xuất hiện 24 hoursLocation: Outer Harbour, Macau

While there are a lot of ways to travel to lớn Macau from Hong Kong, the most convenient and cheapest is to take a ferry. So, prefer TurboJet or Cotai Water Jet depending on the area of Macau you are planning to visit.Do not worry about booking your ferry in advance as both TurboJet và Cotai Water Jet runs a ferry in every 15 minutes (unless youre planning to visit Macau on a special event day or a public holiday).Most of the hotels in Macau offer không tính tiền shuttle services. Try và board these buses to commute around if you wish khổng lồ travel lượt thích a local & save some money.Of all the things lớn do, try to lớn spare some time và watch the world famous water performance called The House of nhảy Waters at the đô thị of Dreams Hotel.While Macaus currency is Macanese Patacas (MOP), the region warmly accepts Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) as well. So, vày not worry about getting your currency exchanged as you can pay and request for change anywhere in HKD itself.Try & visit Restaurant Litoral, Carlos or APOMAC Macau if you wish to indulge in authentic Macanese cuisine.Even though Macau is a safe place to visit, make sure you take care of your passport, money, and other valuable belongings in crowded areas & when its late at night.

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Already excited for your Hong Kong Macau trip by ferry? We hope you have the time of your life, & make a zillion memories with your loved ones!

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