You can travel from Ho chi Minh lớn Mui Ne (and Mui Ne to lớn Ho đưa ra Minh) via bus, train, private car/van, or motorbike.

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1 You can travel from Ho bỏ ra Minh khổng lồ Mui Ne (and Mui Ne to lớn Ho chi Minh) via bus, train, private car/van, or motorbike.

The Ho chi Minh to Mui Ne route is a well-trodden trail for backpackers, kitesurfers, & all you nomads looking khổng lồ swap out the thành phố streets for the beach.

Mui Ne’s beach front.

I’ve been coming to Mui Ne for a good few years now, và in that space of time, I’ve made the journey from Ho chi Minh khổng lồ Mui Ne (and back) more times than I care to remember. So take it from someone who’s done this a lot, the following is everything you need to know in order khổng lồ have a smooth, stress-free trip.

We’ll look at how lớn get from Ho bỏ ra Minh (also known as Saigon) lớn Mui Ne by

BusTrainPrivate carPrivate vanMotorbike

We’ll then quickly break down each option based on its cost, timing, comfort, và overall awesomeness (think sightseeing & soaking in the countryside).

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How far is it from Ho chi Minh to Mui Ne?

There’s close lớn 220 km of distance from Saigon lớn Mui Ne, which takes anywhere from 3.5-7 hours khổng lồ cover (depending on traffic and which mode of transport you choose).

The fastest way khổng lồ get from Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố to Mui Ne is by private car, which typically takes around 4 hours (as little as 3.5 hours if you don’t hit any traffic or make any stops).

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Review of 5 easy ways to get from Ho bỏ ra Minh lớn Mui Ne

Best budget option: bus

Cost: 140,000-170,000Time: 5 hours averageRuns between: 07.00-21.00Comfort: 3/5Extra luggage charge: yes

Taking the bus from Ho bỏ ra Minh to lớn Mui Ne is one of the most popular ways khổng lồ travel- & no surprise, since it’s the cheapest option. Personally, this is the method of transport I normally use when going from Saigon lớn Mui Ne.

Now, up until a couple of years ago, travelling on this bus route took 6-7 hours- but since the completion of the highway, the journey now takes just 5 hours (though admittedly longer if you’re travelling during a public holiday or if you get stuck trying to leave the city during rush hour).

But here’s the really good news:

Even though the Ho bỏ ra Minh Mui Ne bus is super cheap, it’s still pretty comfortable (and gets you there in reasonably good time, too).

The only thing that kinda sucks?

There’s currently no night bus from Ho bỏ ra Minh to lớn Mui Ne (not yet, anyway).

Most of the buses are sleeper style, meaning you have a semi-horizontal reclining seat khổng lồ stretch out in (well, at 5’6” I can stretch out in it, but my 6’1” boyfriend has lớn get a bit more creative with his legs).

The best buses are clean, comfy, air-conned, và some even offer wifi và complimentary snacks & water.

Bus companies serving the Ho bỏ ra Minh khổng lồ Mui Ne route are a dime a dozen, & most of them have ticketing offices in Pham ngây ngô Lao in District 1. While it’s easy to lớn pick up a ticket at any one of these offices, it can be tricky khổng lồ tell the high chất lượng companies from the cowboys.

Lest you get stuck riding for 5 hours in a crappy bus with no aircon & a driver with questionable braking skills, we recommend booking your tickets through our partner Bookaway since they pre-vet the transport companies, get you the best giao dịch (aka local prices) và have 24/7 customer support.

UPDATE July 2019: A limo bus service recently started operating the Ho bỏ ra Minh to lớn Mui Ne route; their buses are comfortable, spacious, affordable, and most importantly the drivers prioritise safety on the road. Kiểm tra prices và reserve your tickets with the limo bus online.

Another good booking platform for buses, taxis, private cars, và minivans that may propose different options is

Best for sightseeing: train

Cost: 200,000-330,000 + 200,000 taxiTime: 5 hours averageRuns between: 6.40 am daily trainComfort: 3.5/5Extra luggage charge: không tính phí under 20kg

Taking the train from Ho đưa ra Minh to Mui Ne is simple, affordable, & takes about as much time as it the bus. The train leaves Ho đưa ra Minh daily at 6.40 am & gets you to lớn Phan Thiet by 10.30-11.30.

The biggest plus?

You’ll be able to lớn soak in the awesome views of the passing scenery as you blast out of the city và into the Vietnamese countryside. From rồng fruit farms to lớn tiny villages, the Ho đưa ra Minh khổng lồ Phan Thiet train takes you veering away from the highway & hum of the đô thị to see a part of the country you otherwise would have missed.



When taking the train from Ho bỏ ra Minh to Phan Thiet, you can opt for a hard seat, soft seat, hard berth (6 beds/cabin), or soft berth (4 beds/cabin), in order of ascending price. If you’ve never done it before, booking train tickets at the station isn’t always easy, so for peace of mind, I always book mine here.

Vietnam Railway estimates the travel time from Saigon to Phan Thiet to lớn be about 4 hours (but in my experience, it’s usually closer lớn 5). If for some reason, you can’t get tickets lớn Phan Thiet, you can also take the train from Saigon khổng lồ Binh Thuan (3-4 hours), which is about an hour away from Mui Ne by taxi.

Best for comfort: car

Cost: from $75 upwardsTime: 4 hours averageRuns between: 24/7Comfort: 5/5Extra luggage charge: no

If you’re wondering how to get khổng lồ Mui Ne from Ho đưa ra Minh in the least amount of time possible, a private oto is for you.

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Though I only did it a few times myself, hiring a private oto to take you from Ho bỏ ra Minh to Mui Ne is by far the most comfortable (not to mention quickest) way lớn travel. Typically the ride takes about 4 hours, but you can make it in 3.5 if you time the traffic right and don’t make (m)any stops.

Not only that:

The driver will also come to pick you up whenever you want- even if your flight arrives in Ho bỏ ra Minh really late at night when the trains và buses have stopped running. Sorted!

Cars should be booked in advance so that you can arrange a place & time for the driver to collect you. Drivers are always happy khổng lồ wait for you outside the arrivals terminal at the airport, which saves you from dealing with the insane traffic of downtown Saigon (which, ugh, should always be avoided IMO).

If you’re staying in a resort in Mui Ne (or if you’re heading there to lớn kitesurf), your host will often be able lớn organise an airport transfer for you. Và if you’re down to bởi some wheeler-dealing, you can also try posting your needs in one of the local Facebook groups like Mui Ne Buy & Sell or Mui Ne Info & Events.

Best for groups, kitesurfers, & travellers with lots of luggage: van

Cost: from $80 upwardsTime: 4 hours averageRuns between: 24/7Comfort: 5/5Extra luggage charge: no

Taking a private van from Ho chi Minh to Mui Ne is the best option for big groups of friends or anyone travelling with large amounts of luggage (and especially those who want lớn get from door to lớn door with minimal effort).

Lugging your luggage khổng lồ the train station or downtown lớn the bus stop- though possible- is a pain in the arse. But thankfully, it’s totally avoidable!

If you can swing the cost, a private van will pick you up & drop you off exactly where you want. We once hired a 26 seater bus to take a big group of us directly from the airport to our place in Mui Ne which was super convenient and worked out at a really decent price.

Think about it:

Once you’ve paid for a taxi to downtown Ho bỏ ra Minh City, the bus/train ticket to lớn Mui Ne, the extra luggage charge, và the xe taxi on the other end- you’ve probably met the cost of splitting a private van with your crew.

The other huge draw?

In just 4 hours average, it’s one of the fastest ways to travel from Ho chi Minh khổng lồ Mui Ne.

Best for adventurers: motorbike

Cost: $5 worth of gas, daily motorbike rental $8, second-hand motorbike $150+Time: 4.5-6 hoursRuns between: 24/7Comfort: 3.5/5

If you’re of the ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’ kinda camp, you’ll have an absolute blast taking a motorbike up from Ho chi Minh lớn Mui Ne.

Road tripping lớn Mui Ne – Photo: Tycho Atsma

Whether you’re renting a bike from a company in Saigon or doing the road trip on a xe đạp you’ve bought yourself, road-tripping from Ho chi Minh to Mui Ne will take you through a pretty fun part of the south-central countryside.

You can choose to take the highway (which is the faster route but much less exciting) or the coastal road through Vung Tau, La Gi, và Ke Ga. Though longer on the road, these towns offer tons of fun in the way of surfing, kitesurfing, và sightseeing (if you’re keen to lớn know more about that, read our post on why these towns are among the best places khổng lồ gokiteboarding in Vietnam, as well as forsurfing in Vietnam).

Awesome view on Mui Ne’s fishing village from Source


Bus companies serving the Ho đưa ra Minh to lớn Mui Ne route will also be able to bring you back from Mui Ne lớn Ho chi Minh once you’ve finished your stint in the beach town. The ticket price is the same on the way back down, và though it’s always possible to lớn book your spot from any of the bus offices in the town, we recommend booking it here for extra convenience & security.

The buses typically pick you up from wherever their depot is along the main Mui Ne road, but sometimes they’ll offer a pickup service from outside your hotel/guesthouse (As long as it’s located on the main strip).

The really good news is that it is possible khổng lồ travel from Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho bỏ ra Minh by bus in the night. You can take a night bus from 11 pm khổng lồ around 1 am, which gets you to lớn Ho đưa ra Minh in the wee hours of the morning (4-6 am, depending on your time of departure). The bus will drop you off in Pham đần Lao, District 1.

Buses also run throughout the entire day. Make sure you factor in Ho bỏ ra Minh rush hour traffic if you’re planning to arrive in the thành phố in the late afternoon/evening- especially if you’re taking a flight from Ho đưa ra Minh airport. It’s an absolute nightmare khổng lồ get stuck for 1+ hour on the outskirts of the city!


For anyone planning khổng lồ take the train from Mui Ne lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh, you’ll need lớn take a xe taxi from Mui Ne to lớn Phan Thiet train station first. You can hail a xe taxi anywhere along the main road in Mui Ne (the green Mai Linh taxis are the most common, and drivers always use the meter).

Taxis are virtually always driving up và down the street, so booking a xe taxi isn’t usually necessary.

The train from Phan Thiet khổng lồ Mui Ne departs daily at 13.10 & arrives in Saigon between 17.00 and 18.00.

You can book your train tickets at the station in Phan Thiet, but if you’re in Mui Ne you probably don’t want to make an extra hour-long round trip to reserve your spot in advance. The most convenient way to get your train tickets from Mui Ne to Ho đưa ra Minh is to lớn book them online in advance.


Travelling back down from Mui Ne to Ho đưa ra Minh is a cinch in a private car. The driver will be able to pick you up from anywhere you need (your guesthouse, hotel, or even straight from the kitesurfing club) & drop you directly to your next destination. This is definitely the most convenient, quickest, và comfortable option- particularly if you’re bound for Ho bỏ ra Minh airport.

You can book your oto from Mui Ne to lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh online in advance, guaranteeing you a reliable driver, a nice car, & good customer service.


Taking a private van from Mui Ne khổng lồ Ho bỏ ra Minh is for sure the best option for groups of travellers, nomads travelling with a lot of luggage, và kitesurfers or windsurfers. Your driver will be able khổng lồ pick you up wherever you need- even if that means waiting for you outside the kite club while you squeeze in your final session before going home.

For maximum convenience & reliability, we recommend booking your van from Mui Ne to Ho chi Minh online in advance.


If you drove your motorbike up from Saigon, chances are you’ll want lớn continue your road trip once you’ve finished up your time in Mui Ne. Take your pick between the faster highway route and the scenic ocean road.

And for those of you that don’t need khổng lồ return khổng lồ the city, your next leg of the adventure should definitely be khổng lồ head north along the insanely beautiful coastal road between Mui Ne and Phan Rang– Vietnam’s newest up-and-coming kitesurf spot.