Since I started working from home, I noticed visible changes in my skin. Stress-related zits aside, my skin texture had been fluctuating between parched & greasy. In a bid to lớn balance out my complexion, I rummaged through my beauty stash in tìm kiếm of the right moisturiser. All khổng lồ no avail.

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I needed something lightweight lớn wear day and night, but it also had to provide enough moisture and hydration. So when I was asked to try SENKA’s Deep Moist Gel Cream, I was thrilled lớn see if it was my perfect match. We also invited 20 readers lớn try the gel cream và the average verdict was a 4.4-star rating out of 5. Read on for more in-depth đánh giá and find out how you can get your hands on a không lấy phí sample!

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About SENKA’s Suijyun Deep Moist Gel Cream


A lightweight, watery gel moisturiser, SENKA’s Deep Moist Gel Cream absorbs quickly into the skin & leaves a non-sticky finish. The formula works lớn keep your skin plump và hydrated without clogging your pores, all thanks khổng lồ a careful blend of nourishing ingredients.

The gel cream combines marine collagen with chestnut rose extract, two key ingredients that keep the skin moisturised for longer & improve its ability lớn hold moisture better. On vị trí cao nhất of that, it also features Shiseido’s Natu-ence Formulation™. It’s a formula that contains double hyaluronic acid, rice bran oil, honey, và SENKA’s signature silk cocoon essence. These ingredients work khổng lồ brighten dull & dehydrated skin while keeping it soft và supple.

If you’re as particular about ingredients as I am, you’ll also be pleased to hear that the gel cream is alcohol-free, colourant-free, fragrance-free, and dermatologist-tested—like music to lớn my ears.

With consistent use, the moisturiser promises to reduce skin dryness và oiliness, which is great for both the humid weather and air-conditioned environments. Lớn see if it lives up to lớn its expectations, I decided khổng lồ put the SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream through three tests over three days. Keep reading khổng lồ see how it fared.

SENKA Suijyun Deep Moist Gel Cream review: What our writer thinks

Hydration testBefore


Right after I cleansed my skin, I placed the moisture meter on both sides of my face. As you can see, my right cheek is a little less hydrated compared to lớn my left, so I wanted to lớn see if SENKA’s Deep Moist Gel Cream could give it a much-needed boost.


I decided lớn use a sheet mask on the left side of my face and applied SENKA’s gel cream lớn the right side of my face. As I smoothed the gel cream over my cheek, my skin drank it all up in seconds. It felt incredibly cooling and refreshing because of the gel texture too.

After I removed the sheet mask, patted the essence into my skin, & waited for it to absorb, I picked up the moisture meter again and measured the hydration levels on both sides of my face.



The sheet mask was able to lớn up the moisture level on the left side of my face by 9.1%, but SENKA’s Deep Moist Gel Cream gave my skin a whopping 34.9% bump in moisture! The results truly speak for themselves. Not lớn mention, my skin feels much softer & bouncier right after using the gel cream.

Greasiness test


The next morning, I applied my usual moisturiser on the left side of my face (left) and SENKA’s gel cream on the right side of my face (right). I waited for an hour và then I brought out the blotting papers.

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My usual moisturiser is thicker than SENKA’s Deep Moist Gel Cream, yet it didn’t provide enough moisture for my skin. SENKA’s gel cream, on the other hand, is much lighter, but it was able to hydrate và balance out my skin’s sebum production.

When my skin is well moisturised, it doesn’t get as flushed too. So I also noticed that the right side of my face had fewer red patches after using SENKA’s gel cream.

Makeup wear test


Just as I did with the greasiness test, I applied my regular moisturiser on the left side of my face and SENKA’s gel cream on my right. With a makeup sponge, I then applied liquid foundation khổng lồ both sides of my face. After an hour, I grabbed pieces of tissue paper & patted down on both cheeks.


My usual moisturiser has a slippery texture, so the foundation had a hard time gripping on, which caused more transfer on the tissue paper. SENKA’s gel cream absorbed quickly into my skin & gave it a perfectly hydrated base for my foundation lớn cling on to, resulting in less product transfer.

SENKA Suijyun Deep Moist range: Lotion I, Lotion II, and Emulsion


Apart from SENKA’s Deep Moist Gel Cream, I also tried the rest of SENKA’s Suijyun Deep Moist range lớn amp up the hydration & moisture.

Step 1:When my skin felt greasy, I reached for Deep Moist Lotion I, which has a light and fresh texture that balances oily or combination skin.

If my skin felt a little dry or tight, I applied a layer of Deep Moist Lotion II. It has richer texture that was easy khổng lồ spread & it gave my skin a dewy look—perfect for dry or normal skin. These two lotions serve as toners, which I can use interchangeably after I wash my face.

Step 2:When my skin felt parched, I followed up with the Deep Moist Emulsion. The milky formula feels incredibly moisturising và comforting, yet the texture is still lightweight. If my skin is greasy, I’ll skip this step.

Step 3:The Deep Moist Lotions and Emulsion helped to lớn prep my skin for the Deep Moist Gel Cream. When I used the gel cream, my skin soaked up all of its hydrating goodness in seconds và locked in the moisture.

SENKA Deep Moist Gel Cream retails at S$21.90 (50g) each và is available at Don Don Donki, Guardian, Shopee, Watsons, & Welcia-BHG stores.