As a natural border between two provinces, Yen Bai và Son La, Ta Xua Mountain is the 10th highest mountain in Vietnam. The three most prestigious peaks of Ta Xua are located at Ban Cong, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai Province. Ta Xua Mountain, sometimes called Phu Sa Phin, is about 160km far from the center of Yen Bai city và 240km from Hanoi.

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Conquering the vị trí cao nhất peak of Ta Xua would be the favorite activity for adventure lovers. The shortest peak of Ta Xua mountain, & also the most well known is the Dinosaur Spine. This peak is about 2400m above sea level, making it the easiest one to lớn conquer among the three. From afar, Ta Xua Mountain has the look of a resting dinosaur, so the trail leading lớn the peak is called Dinosaur’s Spine for this reason.

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The “spine” is a 1m curving and sloppy road, with two sides bending straight down lớn the bottom. Sometimes trekkers have to lớn climb with both their hands & legs to avoid the strong wind & be able to stick khổng lồ the ground. Khổng lồ complete the whole trail it is advisable khổng lồ bring with you the necessary tools, foods, và drinks for about two days or more.

Cloud hunting

Along with the danger, Ta Xua Mountain also gives you the chance khổng lồ see the cloud paradise. Waiting for you at the over of the Dinosaurs Spine is the ocean of clouds. The best time for cloud hunting will be between 6 am to lớn 10 am, but it is advisable lớn climb lớn the peak at 5 am khổng lồ witness the sky changing color. When the sun rises, the clouds will cover the mong muốn ethnic pad fields below its feet. An awe-inspiring sight will be the reward for those who have the heart khổng lồ finish the early trekking challenge.

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How khổng lồ get there

From Hanoi, travelers can choose between train and car to reach Tram Tau, Yen Bai. It will take about 5 hours in total. After arrival, book a bus khổng lồ Ta Xua village, Ban Cong, the starting point of the trekking road. The rest depends on you khổng lồ follow the single dirt road with a high slope rate lead lớn the dinosaur peak of Ta Xua Mountain.

Another option to visit Ta Xua is to follow the Son La route, go straight to Ta Xua without changing the vehicles. This way, you can save more strength for the trip ahead.

Best time to lớn visit

The weather from the over of the year to April of the following year will be the best time for a Ta Xua trip. Although it is cool all year round, during this period, the temperature would get cold enough for the clouds khổng lồ rise và for the stars to lớn escape the dark. With a little luck & lots of patience, you will have the chance to witness with your own eyes the Milky Way at one of the most wanted destinations for star hunting.

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What lớn expect

As Ta Xua Mountain is in the rural area of Yen Bai, the service here is rather poor. For accommodation, it is suggested khổng lồ take a look at surrounded homestay or rent a camp making a fire in the middle of the range. The host will then cook local dishes for those who would like to try the flavor of wildness. However, that will not pose a big problem as the sole purpose of the Ta Xua trip is cloud hunting và conquering the Dinosaur’s Spine.

Useful Information

Location: Ta Xua, Yen Bai Best for: Adventure Travelers Entrance: N/A Hours: Day time visit is recommended Distance to city center: 69.1km (42.9 mi)