Promo price VND 1,300,000 Normal price VND 1,650,000/pax (~$72) Promo price VND 1,485,000 Normal price VND 1,650,000/pax (~$72) See dates

This tour is perfect for families – or if you’re short on time but want lớn keep away from crowded caves. Trek through the jungle, explore the river cave of Nuoc Nut & kayak along the tranquil Chay River.

Explore different areas of the national park in just one day. Unearth the Nuoc Nut river cave with optional swimming. Kayak along the slow moving, tree fringed Chay River. Trek through the jungle và enjoy a picnic in the wilderness.
One day exploring. Available January lớn August. Tours depart four or five times a week. Group size: 12 people maximum. Age: 12 years & above. Distance: 4km trekking, up lớn 1km caving, 50m elevation gain, 10-20m swimming depending on season, 3km kayaking. Difficulty: cấp độ 1 · easy. Itinerary (below) is subject to change with the weather. Paths can be slippery & muddy after rain.


Due lớn the weather conditions the itinerary may need to be changed at short notice. The paths can be muddy & slippery after rain.

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On Day 1, our tour bus will pick you up from your khách sạn in Phong Nha between 07:00 - 07:30, for the drive lớn the Oxalis office. Here you will have a tour safety briefing, sign the release form and receive the required equipment for the tour.

After the briefing section in the morning, you’ll get back into our tour bus và head out khổng lồ the legendary Ho bỏ ra Minh trail khổng lồ commence your trek. The route starts with a short steep drop down from the road to lớn the valley floor. A nice easy half hour trek in the jungle brings you to lớn a dry rocky stream bed. Follow the rocky path carefully lớn climb down over boulders khổng lồ Nuoc Nut Cave entrance. With your caving headlight and helmet, follow your guide into the darkness. Initially quite small, the cave soon opens up into impressive dimensions. Plenty of stalactites and stalagmites can be seen on the way & some clear blue pools. Return to lớn the entrance & enjoy a picnic lunch in the middle of the wilderness.

In the afternoon, you will retrace your steps to lớn the road & continue by oto to the kayaking point. Your guide will give you a briefing on how to lớn kayak & then get you onto the water. With your safety team you will kayak downstream for about 3km through beautiful surroundings. Watch out for bird life such as Kingfishers along the way. Finish with a cold drink at the Chay Lap Water Sports Centre. Transfer lớn Phong Nha arriving at around 17:00.


1 day tour Easy trekking 4km of trekking including 1km of caving Total Elevation gain: 50m 2-3km of easy kayaking


Please visit our FAQ general page khổng lồ read our specific What to lớn Bring list before departing for Vietnam và your cave expedition.


Caving & safety gear: caving helmet, caving headlight, gloves & life-vests. Basic canvas trekking boots (only if you do not have your own pair) sizes 36 – 46 Meals: picnic lunch Professional English-speaking tour guide and safety assistants Porter team to lớn carry all camping gear và prepare meals Shared dry box for phones and small cameras (limited availability for larger cameras) Water filter & purifier (used only by guide & porters) First Aid Kit and Medical Rescue Equipment (application by guides and porters only) Kayaks (maximum 2 people on a kayak)


1 long (easy to dry) pants and 1 long sleeved shirt to lớn wear during the trek (quick dry) 1 pair of trekking boots/shoes – difficult terrain, good footwear necessary 1 change of clothes for after the tour 1 pair of calf-length densely woven socks (not ankle socks!) Medium form size backpack (25 L) for your water bottle, personal belongings và provided caving helmet Personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, camera

Pricing & availability

Please contact our adventure consultants in the bottom right bubble of the screen to book the tour.

Whether you prefer long treks, camping in a cave, sleeping under the stars in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, explore the huge dry caves or just taking an exploratory day trip, Oxalis Adventure Tours can provide the right amount of adventure just for you.

1 Day · màn chơi 3 · Moderate

Hang Tien Discovery

With only one day, you can still enjoy a challenging trek, a natural swimming pool & see a spectacular cave.Hang Tien, also known as Fairy Cave has an enormous entrance, large calcite formations & unusual rock features.

VND 2,000,000/person Promo price VND 1,800,000 Normal price VND 2,000,000/pax

1 Day · cấp độ 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Experience

An action-packed day trek lớn explore the marvelous jungle & caves of the Tu Lan System - trang chủ of the Hollywood blockbuster Kong: Skull Island (2017) by Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

VND 1,800,000/person Promo price VND 1,620,000 Normal price VND 1,800,000/pax

1 Day · cấp độ 1 · Introductory

Tu Lan Family Experience

An ideal family trip to explore nature và the magnificent caves of the Tu Lan cave system including trekking, swimming in natural steam, picnic lunch at the river, discovering Rat Cave, exciting mini-game.

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VND 1,800,000/person Promo price VND 1,620,000 Normal price VND 1,800,000/pax
2 Day · màn chơi 3 · Moderate

Hang Tien Endeavor

This is a challenging trek to visit Hang Tien 1 và 2 - two biggest caves of Tu Lan cave system. Hang Tien means Fairy Cave in Vietnamese as it looks otherworldly with an enormous entrance, calcite formations & rock features.

VND 6,500,000/person Promo price VND 5,850,000 Normal price VND 6,500,000/pax
2 Day · màn chơi 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Cave Encounter

This tour offers a glimpse into the amazing beauty of the Tu Lan area: caves, karst mountains, jungle, & waterfalls. It is an opportunity khổng lồ go deep into the rugged & untouched nature of Vietnam.

VND 5,500,000/person Promo price VND 4,950,000 Normal price VND 5,500,000/pax
2 Day · level 2 · Easy

Tu Lan Family Adventure

An ideal journey for all members of the family to lớn explore Tu Lan"s wilderness. Many enjoyable mini-games và activities for kids lớn join in such as trekking, swimming, painting, caving, & overnight camping.

VND 5,500,000/person Promo price VND 4,950,000 Normal price VND 5,500,000/pax
2 Day · màn chơi 3 · Moderate

Hang En Cave Adventure

An unforgettable adventure into one of the largest caves on Earth – Hang En, where you get a bucket list camping experience inside the cave and admire nature’s beauty lượt thích never before.

VND 7,600,000/person Promo price VND 6,840,000 Normal price VND 7,600,000/pax
3 Day · cấp độ 4 · Challenging

Hang Va Expedition

A true underground adventure khổng lồ visit two spectacular river caves of the National Park. Nuoc Nut Cave is a large cave with both dry and river passages with clear xanh pools.

Promo price VND 8,000,000 More benefits included
6 Day · cấp độ 6 · Hard

Son Doong Cave Expedition

This four day expedition will explore Son Doong Cave the world’s largest cave passage. Trek through vast underground spaces và marvel at the continually changing display of stalactites and stalagmites.

VND 69,800,000/pax
6 Day · cấp độ 6 · Hard

Hang bố Deep Jungle Expedition

Those who join the Hang cha Deep Jungle Expedition will receive a totally new experience from Oxalis Adventure. Renowned for sustainable tourism, Oxalis will now step up khổng lồ actively promote conservation of biodiversity.

VND 50,000,000/pax
3 Day · màn chơi 4 · Challenging

Hang Tien Exploration

The perfect journey to explore both most fascinating wet và dry caves, especially Hang Tien 1 and 2. They are the biggest dry caves of the system with enormous entrances, large calcite formations and unusual rock features.

VND 8,500,000/person Promo price VND 7,650,000 Normal price VND 8,500,000/pax
3 Day · màn chơi 3 · Moderate

Wild Tu Lan Cave Explorer

This exciting journey has some challenging sections, but with the help of the team you will explore six amazing caves. River caves where you can swim or raft & dry caves covered in outstanding calcite formations.

VND 8,000,000/person Promo price VND 7,200,000 Normal price VND 8,000,000/pax
6 Day · màn chơi 5 · Demanding

Tu Lan Expedition

This level 5 expedition is one of our most challenging treks. Throughout the four days you will explore numerous caves, both river caves and dry caves; abseil inside Tu Lan Cave down khổng lồ the underground river

Promo price VND 15,000,000 More benefits included
4 Day · màn chơi 2 · EASY

Quang Binh Experience

This package is designed for those who want khổng lồ balance between discovery and relaxation with light activities, suitable for families traveling with their children.

6,300,000 đ/pax
3 Day · màn chơi 2 · Easy

Quang Binh Exploration

The 3-day-2-night package is designed exclusively for those who are looking for a vacation combined with exploring the uniqueness of cave systems in quang đãng Binh.

5,600,000 đ/pax

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