Tourists to Hong Kong will now have the opportunity khổng lồ go to horse races, in addition khổng lồ popular destinations and shopping malls, on new tours offered by Vietravel, one of the large Vietnam travel agencies.A representative from Vietravel Hanoi, Duong Mai Lan, says that this new service is aimed at satisfying tourists’ increasing demands for entertainment.For VND990,000, visitors can experience one of Hong Kong's most attractive sports at the Hong Kong Jockey Club-HKJS, the only authorized horse racing & auctioning institution in the territory.Visitors will learn about 11 ways to lớn place bets and watch nine races. Punters can place bets for only VND2,700, similar khổng lồ buying lottery tickets. All odds and betting information is updated continuously và displayed on TV screens at the track along with racing news, results, and prize money values.